Site Supervision & Technical Services 

We have personnel who are experienced in all facets of site management including safety and environment issues, and the supervision of civil crews, riggers, installation technicians and electricians.

Backed up by our expertise in project management, we are able to provide prime contractors with the quality of reporting required to deliver large infrastructure projects where the communications components are often on the critical path, despite their relatively small monetary share of the overall project.

Our team supervise projects anywhere in the world with experienced and multi-lingual personnel well versed in working in foreign and often hostile environments.

For work in all environments, we develop safety management plans that are practical and keep our staff safe. Anyone can provide a good looking plan that effectively stops staff from working (and are normally ignored). Our safety regime in these environments are aimed at practicality and real safety where our people always come home in the same condition they left. (Okay, maybe a little tired!)

We are equally able to function well in the Australian mining and construction sectors, using either our own, or our client's safety and environmental regimes.