Proposals Management

A particular area of expertise for Future Systems is proposals management. We work with a number of our regular clients in this capacity, driving the estimate, bid strategy, negotiations with suppliers and clients, evaluation of commercial terms and conditions, and the management of the logistics of preparing winning proposals on time.

The staff at Future Systems have excellent communication skills required to build effective bid preparation teams comprising of external and internal staff.

Future Systems works with its client providing both turnkey proposals delivery and forming any part of our client’s bid teams.

Future Systems brings the following skills to the table for proposals management: 

  • Bid Strategy
  • Planning and coordination
  • Estimation preparation including:
    • Preparation of scopes for major suppliers
    • Sourcing of quotations from minor suppliers
    • Project implementation planning
    • Labour estimation
    • Forecasting of future and foreign expenditure
    • Cash Flow analysis
    • Payment terms planning
    • Amalgamation of project implementation planning with labour estimation
  • Proposals preparation: Future Systems writes tender winning technical descriptions utilising its unique experience as a technologist, business developer and project manager.
  • Internal management of staff to solicit “buy in” hence ensuring that the entire organisation has a stake in the successful delivery of an awarded project.
  • We also provide resources to "polish" tender documents prior to submission.