OzRad HF Network

Radio Telephone, SMS, Email & GPS Position Logging

Future Systems recently purchased the HFOz and Radtel HF networks. With 5 sites located around Australia (3 in the southern half and two in the northern half of the country), the network is always contactable by any vehicle in Australia.

While there are a number of volunteer networks providing skeds where users can call in by voice call and leave messages etc, and a small amount of publically available networks offering telephone interconnect facilities, we are uniquely able to provide the ability to; send SMS messages from a HF radio direct to any mobile phone, send 64 character text emails from a standard (late model) HF radio to a prescribed list of email addresses (set up by each user using our web based utility). Authorised users of our network can also leave messages on our network that can be retrieved by HF radio at their convenience. Our network is completely automated so messages can be sent and retrieved 24/7.

The mode of communication across HF is the standard selcall format which most modern HF radios are capable of using. We have plans to add an ALE and Digital Voice capability to the network which will make the system even more user friendly with mobiles set up with ALE able to intuitively select the best channel and site for the most reliable communications for their location and the time of day.

GPS Logging

Users of our HFOz network can leave locations on our server using most late model HF radios with GPS connected. Through an authorisation code provided to our users to give to families and friends, any authorised person can view a user's location history.