Maintenance Management


We have systems and processes to manage maintenance for any sized operation from 1 to 10,000+ users.

For small operations we typically carry out first line maintenance training to our clients and back them up with telephone and online support. We have successfully carried out maintenance support in this manner for operations with up to 100 users. Our largest client serviced in this manner was a gold mine in South Australia who operates a hybrid digital and analogue radio network. We were able to provide online support for the systems as well as for programming terminals. We operated a trouble ticket service for this client to log issues and one of our most onerous remotely supported task was to carry out a complete re-mapping of their TETRA system (also installed by Future Systems - known as Milpeak then), including re-programming the network, testing functionality and reprogramming all terminals with no down time and at a fraction of the cost of sending a technician to site.

For larger contracts requiring permanent staff on site, we have excellent Senior Technical Officers capable of working autonomously in remote locations (specialising in Mining and Rail), and some very good management processes in place to provide predictable and measurable performance with minimum manning and expense. We use network management systems to monitor performance of our radio networks and job ticketing and planning systems to follow planned and breakdown maintenance tasks from instigation to completion.

We also have experienced communications riggers available to send to site for maintenance and fault-finding. and we provide excellent engineering support for our clients and our field technical officers assigned to maintenance contracts.