Simoco LMR & DMR

Future Systems has recently been appointed Perth's newest dealer and we look forward to working with Simoco once more as a strategic partner in the WA market.

Our history with Simoco dates back to 2008 where, as Milpeak Pty Ltd, we provided project management expertise to Simoco (then Comgroup Australia) to deliver a strategically vital communications system to Pacific National for its new operation in central Queensland. This project was viewed as a complete success by both Simoco and Pacific National. Since then we have worked with Simoco on a number of other rail related projects. We are particularly pleased to move from "Contractor" to Dealer within Simoco and we are very excited about our future together.

Simoco has a fantastic history in the Australian radio market starting as Pye, one of Australia's first brands of home grown 2-way radio; eventually becoming Philips who manufactured the iconic FM and PRM series radios, then moving into the SRM series platform in the late 90s to being one of the leading manufacturers of high tier mobile radios in the global market.

The two major streams of product we provide to the market at Future Systems are their tried and true SRM and SRP9000 series analogue/P25 transceivers and Simoco's latest very exciting DMR range of base station and control systems infrastructure and mobile terminals.