Codan Long Distance Digital Radio

We are proud to have been appointed Codan's newest dealer focussed on the Western Australian Exploration and Public Safety Markets.

Our experience in High Frequency Radio is amongst the best in the industry and based on experience dating back to the 70s in the Military, Commercial and Amateur sectors. We own and operate the HFOz and Radtel HF networks providing Australia wide (and beyond where licenses permit) HF connectivity for HF to SMS and Email services as well as providing a cost effective and reliable GPS position service over HF. We also have 5 telephone interconnects located across the country to provide access to the PSTN for our users.

At Future Systems, we are very excited about the new Codan Envoy Smart Radio and its potential to be integrated with LMR networks using digital voice modes now available in the Codan Envoy. We see Codan's Digital Voice and ALE capability as a "last 500 Mile" connection to LMR networks for agencies with people operating regularly outside the range of their LMR systems but still requiring to be apart of those systems; capability that is not easily attainable with portable satellite communications. For a snapshot of the potential use of digital voice across HF, we invite you to watch this presentation from Codan. Click Here

We are also a dealer with Codan LMR providing the Vizor and Stratus portable tactical repeaters to public safety agencies in WA.