Telemetry is a technology that allows remote measurement and reporting of information.  


  • Mines,
  • agriculture,
  • water management,
  • energy monitoring,
  • resource distribution.

Telemetry Applications 

Future Systems specialises in telemetry applications using radio as a medium. Radio is a very cost effective solution for applications with remote sites, (within 20-30Km of the plant control centre), where wired mediums are not present.

Our solutions can be broken into two categories; transfer of contacts, and data transfer. 

Contact Transfer

This style of telemetry system is typically used in bore-fields, pipelines and processing plants where various contacts and controls at a remote site require monitoring or controlling from a central control centre.

At the control centre end, our interface is either digital and analogue I/O or an RS232 serial port to interface with a SCADA system. At the remote ends, typically there are digital and analogue I/O that control and monitor plant in the field. 

Our solution can be designed for links up to 35 Km away, (depending on terrain), and virtually unlimited with the use of either store-and-forward or repeater sites.

Typically we use a master polling site at the plant, consisting of a standard mobile UHF transceiver connected to a master site. This concentrates all data and contracts from the field at one device for feeding into a SCADA system. Remote sites are made up of UHF mobile radios connected to an field unit which provides for serial data comms, 8 digital Inputs, 4 analogue inputs and 8 relay outputs.

These systems can also be overlaid across voice repeater systems. 

Data Transfer

For pure data transfer, we use a variety of products in both licensed and unlicensed applications, depending on the individual project. These systems can be configured to be point to multipoint, (broadcast), or point to point links and also have the ability to "store and forward" allowing a system to be extended beyond the boundaries of the local radio network but at a fraction of the cost of the contract transfer style of telemetry system. The equipment on site is an integral radio modem typically with either an ethernet or RS232 port for integration with other systems. Our data radio networks are used to seamlessly connect other applications together over wireless links.

Within Future Systems we have integrated our own asset tracking systems using data radios over bother VHF leeky feeder systems and TETRA networks, (see our applications page on Tracking Systems).