Exploration Camp Communications


Exploration camps are by nature simple affairs but in today's demanding labour market, regular and affordable communications are expected in even the simplest of accommodation in remote areas in and away from Australia.

For simple telephone call connectivity we can provide Iridium and INMARSAT satellite phones with 2-wire interfaces to provide a simple standard telephone operating interface which can also be connected to a DECT wireless phone system. We also rent and sell satellite phones and sell services.  

For more advanced data requirements we have a number of BGAN products and services that can provide a service very similar to ADSL at very competitive prices.

Don't have a permanently manned camp or need seamless connectivity to your field crews from head office? We can provide analogue and digital radio systems that either provide a radio interface to a BGAN or Iridium phone to enable the office to dial in either via a radio interconnect or a soft console. We can also provide digital radio systems with varying functionality up to and including full duplex telephone style communication experiences in the field via UHF radio.

Just want simple communications to one or two field operatives? HF radio could be your option. HF can be used anywhere in the world to send emails, SMS messages and voice calls with no significant infrastructure and little or no ongoing running costs. Digital HF (Long Distance Radio) brings a similar operating experience to that of UHF radio but over much longer distances. Perfect for small widely spread fleets such as drilling and exploration contractors.

Running an operation in the remote Pilbara or even Africa or South America? Why not call us to discuss cost effective, simple but very effective means to increase productivity, staff retention and safety in the most demanding of environments.