Portable and Temporary Communications

We specialise in providing tailored solutions for portable and temporary communications applications, using combinations of our products with innovative and cost effective integration to meet any requirement for communications for temporary sites. Often these same systems can form the core of the operations system (which we also provide).

We have an number of systems available for sales or rental for exploration and construction camps including BGAN for ADSL style data circuits and telephone connectivity either via VoIP service providers (like Skype) or via the INMARSAT telephone network.

We also provide local 2-way as well as HF long distance radio systems for remote exploration and construction sites which we can customise for any type of operation including remote interfacing between either online based consoles or PSTN telephone systems direct to a local radio base station used to contact teams in the field from head office.

We have simple analogue base station and terminal combinations that will "do the job", but we can also provide digital radio solutions that bridge the capability gap between mobile phones and 2-way radios, providing full duplex extensions of (VoIP) PABXs to a digital mobile radio in the field.

We are one of the few radio companies in Australia that actually understand HF communications which can be an alternative to BGAN for even simpler applications  such as remote location and basic email, SMS and voice circuits anywhere in the world.

Running an operation in the remote Pilbara or even Africa or South America? Why not call us to discuss cost effective, simple but very effective means to increase productivity, staff retention and safety in the most demanding of environments.