Satellite Communications

Satellite Communications has become the standard for organisations with a low density regional or global reach requirement.

Companies involved in mining, exploration and construction in remote areas not serviced with cellular or fixed line networks use satellite communications for voice and data communications at site.

The technology has three major groups of products, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the wrong range can be an expensive and frustrating exercise! 


Milpeak specialises in telemetry applications using radio as a medium. Radio is a very cost effective for applications with remote sites, (within 20-30Km of the plant control centre), where wired mediums are not present.

Our solutions can be broken into two categories;

  • transfer of contacts, and;
  • data transfer;

Tracking Systems

Our location systems are perfect for locating personnel and assets.  They operate over existing digital radio systems, public cellular networks and underground analogue radio systems.

Portable and Temporary Communications

We specialise in the design supply, installation and maintenance of specialised systems designed case by case for exploration and construction communications. We use a combination of UHF, HF, Microwave, Wi-Fi, Console and Satellite products to tailor temporary systems to suit any application, requirement and budget.