Our Projects

The following examples are typical of the projects that Future Systems undertakes.

Benelec  - UHF Radio Upgrade 

Future Systems (formerly Milpeak), has been engaged by Benelec to provide the Project Management Function for their $20M + project with a federal owned public safety agency to upgrade and then support their Australia wide P25 UHF Radio network, including base stations, consoles, backhaul, masts, terminals and power supplies. We worked with Benelec on the bid and then the negotiations through to successful contract award. We are currently mobilising the project and will also provide an Omnitronics Altus and Reditalk console network as well as Installation and Commissioning Services for the site work in WA, NT & Christmas Island.

This is a significant project for both Benelec and Future Systems and we are proud of our part in this important project.  

Atlas Iron Horizon 1 Project - Microwave Network 

Future Systems (formerly Milpeak) has been heavily involved in a project between Future Engineering & Communications (FEC) to deliver a turn key project to provide backhaul connectivity between Perth and three of Atlas Iron's mining operations in the Pilbara. Future Systems has provided specialist technical and management expertise for this project including systems engineering, project management, installation labour and site supervision. The project delivered 200Mb of bandwidth between Wodgina and Abydos Mines as well as between Wodgina and Mt Webber Mines, including DC supplies, masts, microwave equipment, buildings and power generators.

 LA-RICS Narrowband UHF Data Radio Network

IPMN were awarded a project to provide their word class UHF data radio solution to Motorola for their project providing voice and data communications for public safety agencies within Los Angeles County. IPMN's scope is to supply 20+ base stations, two control centres and 6000+ UHF Data terminals.

We assisted IP MobileNet to mobilise their project and we also worked with IPMN through the design phases of the project. We continue to provide engineering support as required.

 Ascot Park Electrical and Communications Upgrade

Future Systems manages a contract between the tenants of Ascot Park and TPE services to upgrade all electrical and communications infrastructure in a 209 unit complex in Bayswater, a suburb of Perth.

 NTCS ICE Installation Project

A project with a 30M+ budget, Future Systems (formerly Milpeak) managed on behalf of Pacific National a contract with EDI Rail to install ICE train radio systems on 330 locomotives across 6 work sites. Our role in the project was to manage the contract with EDI and to ensure all stakeholders within PN and its maintenance contractor worked together to ensure the timely delivery of locomotives. As part of this project, we also provided strategic advice on the ongoing support of the system post installation.

Kanmantoo Mine Digital Mine Radio System

Future Systems (formerly Milpeak) was awarded a project by Hillgrove Resources to build a turnkey Mine Radio System using TETRA technology. We chose for this project DAMM infrastructure, Sepura Terminals, various integrated systems such as blast alerts and analogue gateways provided by GMG Solutions as well as a mast, solar DC system and site enclosure. The project involved the installation of a single controller, single carrier and 20 portables and mobiles for mine construction purposes.

Communications Systems Installation Design

Pacific national awarded Future Systems (formerly Milpeak) a project to investigate and design enclosures for communications systems on 15 classes of locomotives operated by PN and Patrick. This project was spread across work sites from Port Augusta to Newcastle and was an important component of the communications systems upgrade project soon to be commenced by Pacific National.

 NR Class ICE and Loconet Server Installation Project

Future Systems (formerly Milpeak) was pleased to be asked back to manage a second project with ComGroup Australia and Pacific National. Future Systems worked with ComGroup Australia to provide a competitive price and value offer for the installation of Train Communications systems to 119 NR class locomotives and on successful award, embarked on this project providing Project Management services to ComGroup Australia.

 QTRS and PACE-R train radio project

This project was owned by Pacific National, Australia''s largest freight rail operator and was awarded to ComGroup Australia to implement. Future Systems (formerly Milpeak) provided the project-management function of this project (within ComGroup Australia’s contract) with tasks including estimation of the project costs, proposal development, negotiation with the client, project mobilisation, project management and closeout.

The project itself involved the design, manufacture, assembly, installation and commissioning of Hybrid UHF, NextG and Iridium-based train radio communications system for 71 and 83-class locomotives being manufactured for Pacific National in Queensland. The communication system was integrated into two existing communications networks; the Queensland Train Control Radio System and the Pacific National Communications Control Centre network.

The project is an excellent example of the cooperation between Pacific National, ComGroup Australia and Future Systems — bringing a high quality outcome for all stakeholders. The project was delivered on time, within budget and to customer expectations.

 VSAT system redeployment

Future Systems ( formerly Milpeak) provided United Group Infrastructure with VSAT systems and services as part of its channel partnership with Australian Satellite Communications in Adelaide. As part of this partnership, Future Systems was contracted by the United Group Infrastructure IT department to redeploy a trailer-mounted VSAT system from Yatala on the Gold Coast to its project office in Collinsville north Queensland.

The project provided United Group''s project office in Collinsville with a 2 Mb link directly back into its IT network in Sydney.

 Maddhapara granite mine - Bangladesh

Future Systems (formerly Milpeak) provided two systems for an underground granite mine in northern Bangladesh in partnership with Australian Mining Technologies. The two systems were a train location system and a non-vital railway interlocking system—both systems used in an underground railway hauling ore within the mine.

Future Systems supplied commissioning engineers to complete the installation, and to commission a 7-channel Varis VHF leaky feeder system, a radio telemetry system, a hopper level detection system, a CCTV network and a personnel tagging system.

The train location system was designed in-house by Future Systems to track trains within the underground mine using RFID technology from Protrac ID, a Brisbane-based company—using the VHF leaky feeder system to relay positional information to a GUI in the underground despatch office at the mine.

The system polls 12 trains per second to determine the last tag detected by each train and uses this information to position the train on the GUI.