Our Mission 

To Provide Professional, Cost Effective, Innovative Radio Communications Solutions and Services to the Mining and Infrastructure Sectors.

Future Systems aims to position itself in an area of the market where Quality and Engineering is valued equally with price.

We will provide a “Big Company” feel in terms of Professionalism and Innovation, with the care and cost effectiveness more typically expected from a smaller business.

Our People

 Future Systems Pty Ltd recognises that people are the core of a good Communications business. Our product lines are important, our experience is important and so is approach to our clients, but none of this amounts to anything without the right people on the bus.To this end we aim to be an employer of choice with a key performance indicator being the retention of staff.

 Company History

Future Systems Pty Ltd has been in existence since 1998 where it began life as a major shareholder in CMP Communications in Perth, Western Australia; catering to the Mining Industry.

Since then it has been used to deliver projects in the Mining, Rail and Infrastructure sectors, primarily in Australasia.

Since May, 2008, Future Systems Pty Ltd has moved into a full time operating company as a supplier of Quality Expertise into the communications industry as well as a Provider of VSAT solutions primarily to the infrastructure projects sector.

Clients of Future Systems Pty include industry leaders such as, Australian Mining Technologies, ComGroup Australia, TPE Services, Pacific National, IP MobileNet, RF Technology, Future Engineering & Communications and John Aitken & Partners.

Our office is located in Osborne Park, Western Australia.

Our Projects

 Our current projects include:
  • Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System - assisting IP MobileNet to deliver a 40 site, 6000 terminal UHF data radio network covering more than 80 agencies serving the Los Angeles County.
  • Atlas Iron Horizon 1 project - Assisting Future Engineering & Communications to deliver a 5 site microwave network including buildings, DC power supplies, emergency generation, masts and Microwave equipment to 3 mine sites operated by Atlas Iron in the Pilbara Region.
  • Ascot Park Electrical and Communications Infrastructure Upgrade - assisting TPE services to deliver a significant upgrade of electrical and communications infrastructure to a 209 unit complex in Perth, Western Australia.

In addition we are carrying out smaller jobs for RF Technology, an Australian manufacturer of premium radio base stations for the P25 and analogue markets and Transport System Solutions, a Railway Systems Integrator with projects in Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.